Amplifying Patient Voices - Supporting Patient Participation Groups in Haringey

From August 2020 to August 2021 Healthwatch Haringey ran a support programme for Patient Participation Groups. This report will be useful to anyone working in patient engagement or joining, starting up or running a PPG.
PPG Meeting

Healthwatch Haringey worked to engage with a wide range of patients, PPG members, practice staff and GPs using a range of methods to strengthen and diversify patient representation, ensure patient feedback is used to improve GP services, and to better understand the benefits of digital access in primary care.

We were asked to provide training and development opportunities for patients to enable them to engage in co-design processes and patient representation.

Some key engagement activities

We engaged directly with stakeholders and delivered a comprehensive programme of support.

  • We organised a Steering Group to guide and co-produce the project. This involved PPG Chairs, PPG members and clinical staff.
  • We carried out one-to-one interviews and online surveys.
  • We organised Haringey-wide PPG network meetings and a PPG conference in June 2021.
  • We provided training in how to use the Zoom platform for online PPG meetings.
  • We produced a variety of online resources including a toolkit for PPGs to help them get set up and organise effectively.
  • We produced, printed and distributed ‘How to Join Your PPG’ leaflets and posters for every GP practice and pharmacy in Haringey.
  • We produced a report on accessing GP services which highlighted the barriers patients were facing in getting appointments during lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Amplifying Patient Voices Haringey Patient Participation Groups (PPG) Development Project Report

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