June 2022

Haringey Patient Participation Groups Network Meeting 5

Community events
Monday 20th June, 2022 - 18:30

About this event

Are you a member of your surgery's Patient Participation Group (PPG) or would you like to find out more about PPGs and how they can help improve GP services?

This meeting is for you!


  1. Long COVID survey and report The Haringey Long COVID report paints a picture of a damaging impact on people’s health, their quality of life and their struggles to access support.
  2. Primary care extended access service (weekday evening and weekend GP appointments) - Caroline Gillett, Haringey Primary Care Development Manager
  3. Transitioning to the new Integrated Care System A representative of NCL CCG is coming to give an overview of transitioning to the new ICS, and what this means for local people, including patient engagement and influence in the new ICS.
  4. How is your PPG working and how is the CCG supporting your practice? Following the last network meeting we wrote to NCL CCG to ask what support was available for practices where PPGs have not met recently or don't exist. We have invited Owen Sloman from NCL CCG to attend and respond. PPG members are also invited to share their experience.
  5. Announcements and date of next meeting (17 October 2022)


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