GP Access in Tottenham Hale 2014

This report deals with access to GP services in the Tottenham Hale area of Haringey and in doing so also includes comparative information relating to GP access in the four area collaboratives and in Haringey as a whole.
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All the evidence, both qualitative and quantitative, described in this report confirms that residents in Tottenham Hale have serious difficulty accessing local GP services. This is within the context of poor GP access in the wider North East collaborative area. The anecdotal evidence we received over recent months, in the form of complaints about GP services in the area, is corroborated by the evidence presented in this report.

Key findings

The detailed comments from Hale Village and Ferry Lane residents responding to the residents survey said:

  • we cannot access the GP services we need for ourselves and our families;
  • there is no point in registering with a local GP as we cannot get an appointment;
  • and when we do get an appointment the service often falls below the standards they could reasonably expect.

These concerns have been raised for many months, even years, but they appear not to have not been heard or addressed. In writing this report we give voice to local residents, confirming the reality that they do face every day, and articulating their insistence on an immediate, practical response to improve the access to and supply of primary care services.


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GP Access in Tottenham Hale:

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