Would you get vaccinated, Yes or No?

Help us to understand more about why local people may or may not take up flu or coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination.
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We have created a survey on both the flu and coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. We are carrying out the survey to better understand local people's attitudes to both vaccines, and what influences local people in choosing whether to get vaccinated or not. 
The survey is completely anonymous and confidential (unless people wish to leave their contact details so we can have a more in-depth conversation) and the results will help local health and care services to keep you safe and healthy. This survey should take no more than a few minutes to complete.

Please take a few minutes to help us, and the NHS, to understand any worries and concerns you may have, as well as any positive comments, so we can all make things better for everyone in Haringey.

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We all appreciate the hard work of health and care staff during the pandemic. Healthcare services are now working to bounce back from COVID-19 - but they need our help. 

Share your experience in our short online survey and encourage others to do the same on social media with the hashtag #BecauseWeAllCare

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