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North Central London Urgent and Emergency Care Programme


Be part of the Reference Group

The North Central London (NCL) Urgent and Emergency Care Programme is part of the work being done across five boroughs (Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey, Islington) to develop health and care services to improve the health and wellbeing of the population, the quality of care that is provided and efficiency of services. The Urgent and Emergency Care programme covers a number of topics designed to improve existing urgent care systems, to reduce the demand for urgent care by helping people at home and to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions. The programme is supported by engagement work led by local Healthwatch, based on a series of ‘design events’ which will get local people’s input into different aspects of the programme.  

Purpose of the group
The purpose of the reference group is to offer feedback and input to the NCL Urgent and Emergency Care programme board.

The reference group will act both as advisors, commenting on plans, and as checkers, making sure that the programme is taking full account of feedback. (This checking does not substitute for the proper scrutiny of plans, which will happen via Scrutiny Committees in the normal way.) 

Membership of the reference group
The NCL Urgent and Emergency Care reference group will be comprised of around 15 individuals recruited from across the five boroughs in the NCL area. 

The members of the group will be ‘experts by experience’, local people who have used urgent or emergency care services in the area. One member of the group will be appointed as the Chair and will represent the group on the programme board.

The group will meet fives times between June 2017 and March 2018. Members of the group will also be invited to attend design events being organised as part of the wider engagement. Briefings will be supplied in advance of all the meetings.

The reference group will continue to meet after the final design events, with an important role to make sure that the co-design work is embedded in the future work of the programme. Although the group is due to complete its work in March 2018, there is an expectation that further arrangements for citizen representation in the later phases of the programme (up to the end of 2019) will be agreed by that date.

Making it work
NCL local Healthwatch are committed to working in an inclusive way. We will work to ensure that meetings are as accessible as possible.

Members of the reference group may receive a recognition payment and expenses at an agreed rate.

Call 020 8888 0579
Email info@healthwatchharingey.org.uk