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Your spotlight on local services

NHS warning letters to patients


Over the past 6 months, Healthwatch Haringey have been hearing from an increasing number of people who have received warning letters from an NHS service about their behaviour - and some who have been banned from their GP practice. We want to make sure that the correct steps are being followed before patients are banned – and that it is clear to patients why they have received a letter.

We raised this at a meeting with Whittington Health – the NHS Trust that runs the Whittington Hospital and its various community services – and they agreed to review their ‘challenging behaviour’ policy and the letters that they send to patients. Healthwatch Haringey will be involved in this process. 

  • There is information on the NHS website about what should happen if your GP asks you to leave the practice: https://tinyurl.com/ycdqfnao
  • POhWER – the independent NHS complaints advocacy service – may be able to help if you need some support to appeal a warning letter or if you are asked to leave the practice: https://www.pohwer.net/Haringey