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Your spotlight on local services

New Carers Service for Haringey: What you need to know


What is changing and why:
A new service called Carers FIRST is now the lead service provider for adult carers in Haringey. The Haringey Council commissioned Carers FIRST to provide information, advice and support to adults who provide unpaid care for a relative or friend due to ill health, physical or mental illness, disability, frailty, or addiction. HAIL no longer be delivers carers’ support services in Haringey.

Who are Carers FIRST?
Carers FIRST are a charity that have been delivering services to carers for 27 years and currently supports over 20,000 carers across West Kent, Medway, Lincolnshire and neighbouring borough Waltham Forest.

What are the benefits of the new contract?
The charity will provide the same level of provision for carers as previously but also manage the Carers’ Register in order to ensure you receive accurate and up-to date information about services in the borough.
They will be the single point of contact for the initial request for information, advice and guidance, offering:

  • emotional support
  • advice and assistance
  • peer support groups providing mutual support
  • face to face, drop in and telephone appointments
  • training courses
  • workshops
  • newsletter

What will happen with my Carer’s Assessment from Haringey Council?
The changes to the Carers’ Support Service will not affect your assessment as a carer with the council. The Council still has a duty to deliver Carers’ Assessments under the Care Act.

How do I contact Carers FIRST?
You can contact Carers FIRST on 0300 303 1555. Calls to 0300 numbers do not cost more than calling 01 and 02 numbers and are usually included in the phones minutes package.

Will I still be able to attend my Carers’ Support Group?
Carers FIRST will support the continuation of existing support groups for carers across the borough where possible.

Does the new contract include support to young carers?
No. Haringey provides support for young carers in partnership with Family Action. Referrals to the service can be made by contacting Mark Cullen on 07971 309 334 or mark.cullen@haringey.gov.uk