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Your spotlight on local services

How well are Haringey's out of hours GP Hubs working?


Haringey’s new evening and weekend GP service makes it easier for Haringey residents to see a GP at a time that is convenient to them. In March, Healthwatch Haringey visited the three locations where Haringey residents can see a GP in the evening or at the weekend to find out how this new service is working. We spoke to 42 patients and heard that:

  • Making an appointment is very easy and people liked the more relaxed atmosphere at the weekend.
  • The majority of people were getting an appointment within 3 days.
  • NHS 111 can book evening and weekend appointments for people if they feel they need to see a GP – in some cases, on the same day.
  • Most people had found out about the service because a GP receptionist had told them or because they had seen information on their GP practice website.
  • However, some GP practices are better at telling their patients about this service than others, and the service could be better publicised.

We have shared this feedback with Haringey CCG and the service managers. If you have used this service and would like to share your feedback, please e-mail us info@healthwatchharingey.org.uk

Find out more here: https://tinyurl.com/y9zt75n8 (web link)