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How you can help

You don't need to be an IT whizz-kid, just confident about using a computer and the internet, and have your own PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet. We provide training and expenses for you, and devices for the residents - including internet connection. Volunteers must be 18+ years.

Since the current pandemic started, many of us have had to use the internet much more than we did before, and many organisations and services, including the NHS, have had to do the same.

For some people this is an issue, especially those who are older and not familiar with the internet or the technology used to access it. We are working with the NHS in Haringey to help people ‘get online’, and we need people like you to help them use their tablets, PCs or phones to access appointments on apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

We need local volunteers to help us do this!

It’s a big task, but we hope that together we can make a difference. Helping us remotely from your home, from community hubs and some home visits for a few hours each week, to suit your availability, can transform someone’s life by giving them the skills and confidence to access to health services when they need to. Volunteers must be 18+ years.

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